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Saint Expedites Official Feast Day is
April 19

We perform an annual 9-day Novena for Saint Expedite’s Feast day. Everyone who has made a donation during the year will be mentioned in the daily prelude to the prayers. Thank you everyone for your faithful support. The next annual feast day Novena will begin April 11, 2018.

About Saint

Saint Expedite The saint for real-time solutions.

St. Expedite was a very obscure figure in the Roman Catholic Church, and given the fact that very little is known about his life, it is absolutely astounding that an ever-growing number of people thank him for his help every day. They thank him because he has helped them. He seems to help everyone who asks for it.

Is money tight around your household? Do you need to pay the rent and utilities? Then you my friend should pray to Saint Expedite. He is known for quick action. When you need help and you need it now, He is the saint you want in your corner.

Do you have a need, a real need to get paid quickly? There are a lot of people in the IT field that only get paid when their job is done, graphic artists and website development come to mind, plus I am sure there are many, many more. Increasingly many people have been asking St. Expedite for help with cash flow problems. That is because he seems to help. It really doesn't matter where it comes from, when you need help he will help.

He is the Patron Saint for Emergencies. St. Expedite is invoked in urgent causes and for prompt solutions, especially to overcome obstacles in financial matters. A petition to Sanctus Expeditus will be rewarded with prompt action. He is petitioned for divine favor in finding work, money to pay rent, medical bills, to win court cases and a thousand other personal but very pressing needs.

 Sanctus Expeditus, is the saint of "just and urgent causes." He is our advocate and our mediator before God. Veneration of Sanctus Expeditus (Latin) or Saint Expedite in (English), is not recent. In Turin Italy St Expedito was the patron saint of traders in the early Middle Ages. In Germany in the 1700's Sanctus Expeditus was pictured as an old man with a white beard (symbolizing wisdom) near a clock  with the inscription "hodie" ("today" in Latin). In the rest of the world, he is depicted as a young Roman soldier with a palm frond in his left hand and tramples a black crow that shouts "cras" ("tomorrow" in Latin) and holding a crucifix in his right hand which has the word "hodie" on it. 

Tradition has it that one day, while thinking about embracing the Lord the devil appeared to him in the form of a black crow, with the intention of delaying his conversion as long as possible. The bird squawked saying "cras, cras" the Latin word meaning "tomorrow". The devil failed because Expeditus realizing it, roared angrily and stomped on the bird while yelling  "Hodie, hodie", Latin for " Today, today!"; I will not leave anything for tomorrow, starting now I will be Christian. I will become a Christian today, because tomorrow I could be dead and may forfeit my chance at salvation. He immediately found a group of Christians who welcomed him into their community and baptized him into the faith.

His position in the army was not compatible with conversion to Christianity, as this seemed to be an open challenge to the authority of the emperor.  In the Roman Empire of the 3rd and early 4th century AD, any military commander who converted to Christianity and refused to worship, and make sacrifices to their former pagan gods, immediately was subjected to derision.  The emperor did not tolerate a commander  who challenged his laws. Expeditus  was quickly betrayed by a jealous rival. Upon learning these facts the Caesar Galerius sent orders for an immediate end to what he considered a military revolt. The execution order came quickly. On April 19 in the year 303, during the reign of Diocletian, by order of emperor Caesar Galerius, son  of a Pagan priestess, Expeditus was tortured and executed in Melitene Now a part of Turkey.  Expeditus, who had fought and defeated many enemies in a hundred battles fought with honor, and loyalty to a Caesar and culture that gave no mercy. Expeditus  perished in a most cruel manner, first scourged in view of his legion, and then when given the opportunity to repent he refused  without hesitation and was beheaded.

Saint ExpediteGive Him his Due!

This saint likes publicity, St. Expedite or Expedito or Expeditus ranks right up there with St. Jude in having classifieds placed for him in New Orleans newspapers by grateful supplicants. And the saint's name is regularly mentioned with gratitude in the personal column of the local newspaper, alongside St Jude.