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Saint Expedites Official Feast Day is April 19


We perform an annual 9-day Novena for Saint Expedite’s Feast day. Everyone who has made a donation during the year will be mentioned in the daily prelude to the prayers. Thank you everyone for your faithful support. The next annual feast day Novena will begin April 11, 2018.

Welcome to Saint

Saint Expedite

Patron Saint Of :

Saint Expedite is the official Patron Saint of:

 Emergencies
 Shopkeepers
 Dealers
 Examinees
 Schoolboys
 Sailors and Navigators
 Everyone who needs a quick solution for their problems.

St. Expedite is invoked in urgent causes and for prompt solutions, especially in the settlement of business and legal proceedings. Many people say he is also a big help to people who wish to overcome obstacles that are in the way of their financial success.
Because Saint Expedite is associated with quick solutions, some people in the computer tech field have adopted him as their own patron saint. There are many in that industry that get paid only for software and hardware “solutions” or upon completion of their task. Lots of times they have to wait for payment to come well after submitting their completed work. What better Saint to intercede on their behalf than St. Expedite, as in "Hurry up and deliver this."


Sanctus Expeditus

There are a lot of people who believe that, when there is an urgent need, a petition to Saint Expedite will be rewarded with prompt action. They ask Saint Expedite for a divine favor in finding work, money to pay their rent, medical bills, to win court cases and a thousand other personal but very pressing needs. There are huge numbers of people worldwide that firmly believe he has helped them more than once, I am among them, and I take this website seriously. I am not going to ask you to just believe what I am writing here, it makes no difference to me. I am doing this because I believe, and I owe Saint Expedite because he has helped me. You are here because you have read or heard something about him, you are probably curious and want to know more. The tips offered here are a mixture of Christian beliefs. This is not a saint that helps Catholics only, all are welcome.

Saint ExpediteSanto Expedito

He has risen to a position more in the line of a cult figure than a world renown Saint. His early fame and following came mostly from Europeean German, Italian, Turkish and Spanish Christians. They have revered this early martyr for well over a thousand years. America was exposed to his influence in New Orleans, by way of Spain in the early 1700's. The Catholic Church has always been leery about this saint and has at times tried to squash his following. This happened in the power struggles between the early popes, and then again in the early 1900's. They have not succeeded so far because St. Expedite has this uncanny habit of actually coming through for people in need. And as everybody knows, give the people what they want and success will follow. In the 1950's the Church removed him from the active liturgical calendar. Moving one step closer to obliterating St. Expeditus name from the public memory. But his name still persists, and his legacy remains. Who would have ever believed that a minor martyr from the early 4th century could have ever risen to super star status with the masses.


*Submitted by Fr. John, FSSP on Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Saint Expedite Subject: Feast day

Comments: Greetings --

    Thank you for your site.  A correction, the -official- feast day of St. Expedite is indeed April 19th.  He is listed in the Roman Martyrology for that day.  That makes it official.  Thank you for your consideration.

God bless --
Fr. John, FSSP
a great devotee of St. Expedite