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This page is dedicated to the Society of St. Expeditus.

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Saint Expedites Feast Day is April 19


We perform an annual 9-day Novena for Saint Expedite’s Feast day. Everyone who has made a donation during the year will be mentioned in the daily prelude to the prayers. Thank you everyone for your faithful support. The next annual feast day Novena will begin April 11, 2015.


* "The -official- feast day of St. Expedite is indeed April 19th.  He is listed in the Roman Martyrology for that day.  That makes it official".

Society of St. Expeditus

The Society of St. Expeditus

Has been celebrating St. Expeditus for over 15 years in the Republic of the Philippines where their motto is For God, People, Nature, and Country. They are now ready to propagate the devotion to St. Expeditus to Filipinos here in California.



This page is waiting for content from The Society of St. Expeditus. Please Check Back from time to time to get the local information from the Philippines.