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Saint ExpediteWe Can Help You!

Do you feel you would benefit from prayers said in your behalf? We would feel honored if you would let us pray for your needs. We have an inhouse altar dedicated to Saint Expedite. It always has candles burning and fresh flowers around it.

We can not make any guarantees, because everything is up to Saint Expedite. We just feel that an extra voice in prayer towards your goal can't hurt.

All we ask is a donation towards our cause, to have the world know that St. Expedite can and will help towards all noble causes.

We are hesitant to ask for donations but the reality of this world is that everything costs money. We can not put this website up without paying for webspace. We can not light a candle without purchasing one.

We are just asking for help with the basic necessities, It is all about helping you

There is a website that offers some Saint Expedite products for sale:




Saint ExpediteSaint Expedite's Image

Typically, Expedite is depicted as a young Roman centurion (the Latin word "expeditus" was also the name of a category of Roman foot soldier marching unimpeded by baggage, and therefore was "quick") with a palm leaf in one hand and, under his foot, has a crow with the writing "cras" ("tomorrow"). In Germanic countries, the saint carries a clock, whereas in the rest of the world (especially in recent representations) he is holding aloft a cross marked "hodie" ("today") in his other hand, meaning that we must not wait until tomorrow to do what we can do today.