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Saint Expedite is no longer on the liturgical calendar  of the Catholic Church. But his "Friends" still pay homage to a "Saint" that seems to help everyone who asks for a favor, and does so  very quickly.

 Never ask St Expedite to do anything evil or hurtful to someone else.

 Always ask for saint Expedite’s help nicely.

 Ask for one favor at a time.

 Candles burned for Saint Expedite normally are red.

 Wednesdays are perfect to start a new petition to Saint Expedite.

 When Saint Expedite grants your request, always “Pay Him” for his help.

 Make sure that you keep up your end of the bargain.

 Always give him his due.

Tips from Saint

Here are some pointers for asking Saint Expedite for help.

How It Is Possible?

I believe that for every question raised there are many that have that same question but don't know how to ask it, or are intimidated and just follow along. I have had quite a few people send letters and emails asking how it is possible that a long deceased Saint can react to written prayers on an internet page. Well I am not sure that Saint Expedite is actually reading things on the internet. Forgive me because it may actually be possible that entities can eavesdrop on electronic media. But I think a more plausible answer is something that most of us will agree upon. You and I are very important participants in this process, in fact we are the engine that makes it all happen. Please bear with me, my interpretation is based on the phenomenon of silent prayers. You may have experienced a situation where you are in a bad situation and there is a high probability that things may go very wrong. Your only option is to say a silent prayer. Lo and behold things turn around to the point that nothing bad happens to you or your friends or family. The situation changes just that quick, from bad to good after a silent prayer said essentially in your mind.

Well it has happened to me hundreds of times throughout my long life ( I have never counted an exact number, it may even be in the thousands of times ). I don't believe that I am the only person that is familiar with this. In fact I believe that probably every one of you has experienced this at least a few times in their life. I do believe that I am blessed with a certain degree of divine grace for whatever reason. Some people have more, some have less. I think that same silent prayer principle applies here within these humble web pages. The very act of thinking about and typing out your petition is a silent prayer, because you are thinking the words in your mind as you type. And then when someone reads that prayer and visualizes the words in their mind, that is also a silent prayer magnified by as many people who read it. Similar to the prayer meeting in church experience, many people gathering together making a single prayer unto God. You cannot write a word without first thinking about it. And anyone who has ever read a good book or even a good sentence can visualize a picture painted by the words. That is how we communicate, and that is also how we pray. Prayer is communication after all.

The web stats for this website say an average of 15,700 people access these pages every day as of this date. I do not believe that every person reads all the posts in a given day but there are a significant number that do. I applaud them and my heart is with them.

The first and most important rule is never ask St Expedite to do anything evil or hurtful to someone else, you are talking to the wrong saint if that is your intention. The most likely outcome would be a big-time backfire and you could wind up being the recipient of your own evil wishes.

You know there was a time when mentioning this next tip was completely unnecessary. But with the way things are today I thought that maybe I should throw it in for those few cocky individuals who always seem to know everything and can never figure out why they are having a hard time getting along with other people, or spirits. You may have a long list of grievances with just about everyone, and some of them may be well founded, but being polite is good for the soul. Always ask for Saint Expedites' help nicely, he can pick and choose the people he wants to work with. There never seems to be a shortage of supplicates who genuinely need Saintly help, so be polite.

There are some time honored ways to entice the good Saint to help you, and reciting St. Expedite specific prayers can be rewarding. Candles burned for Saint Expedite normally are red, but if you are asking for financial help green is good. From my own experience I have found that these items are really for your benefit only, so that you can better focus your attention on the saint during prayer. If you can avoid distraction and keep your concentration on Saint Expedite, than those items really are not necessary. You can literally pray anywhere, your thoughts and intentions are your prayers. The old traditional ways are all good, but for me, I have found that a very sincere heartfelt petition works best. A quiet prayer is good but petitioning aloud is better.

Ask for one favor at a time. I know that we all have several issues dragging us down every day, but if you ask for a few favors all at once than the likelihood of any one thing on that list being completed is diminished greatly. Think how you would feel if a total stranger would walk up to you and start asking for favors, I generally think of myself as a Good Samaritan and I would consider doing a favor for someone, and I would also look to see what reaction I could observe. If there were no sign of gratitude than I would probably not even consider helping them again for quite a while. At least until the sting of rejection wore off and I had absolutely nothing else better to do. Remember a small step forward is better than no forward motion at all.

Wednesdays are a perfect day to start a new petition to Saint Expedite. I thought I would throw that in there for the old school traditionalists. But this is not really a rule, it is in fact old folklore, some things can't wait a few days. Anytime you have a need, start a petition, every day of the week seems to work well. As I said before in other parts of this website, St Expedite has been helping common folk for well over a thousand years, ( I believe it is about 1500 years, give or take a century ) so even if he is new to you, you are one of millions served, practice makes perfect and He is very good at what he does. I know there are some people who have a very narrow view on how to pray to this saint and what I am saying may be considered disrespectful. But in my defense, I have been praying to Saint Expeditus for over fifty years now and I have found out through countless conversations and tens of thousands of testimonials that he changes the same way all of us do, don't get bogged down in tradition. I have nothing against tradition, in fact, it warms my heart in my old age, but expediancy rules!

The Palm frond in his Left hand symbolizes his sainthood. That's because the palm frond is the epitome of resiliency, this is one tough tree and leaf, it can withstand winds of 150 MPH because it bends easily without breaking or tearing away from the tree. It is made into all kinds of useful and extremely sturdy items, hats, bags, floor mats. The point is that the palm leaf has been included in St Expeditus icon for hundreds of years as a testament to his ability to resist and weather many attacks and still defend and help his faithful followers. Even under the absolute worst conditions he will find a way. There is no one else I would rather have in my corner under tough circumstances.

Saint Expedite is not like any other Saint so don't base your model on other saints. He is the wildcard! He makes things happen out of the blue, sometimes before you can even get the words out of your mouth and just trying to visualize what you are going to say. He can be thought of as actually being closer to a Guardian Angel than a Saint in the traditional sense. He is much more interested in helping you survive the heartless injustices of this earth than saving your soul for the afterlife. He was a Roman Centurion and will not back down from a tough fight. So when he decides to help you, you will be in very safe hands indeed.

For difficult or near impossible situations it might be necessary to "strike a bargain" with Saint Expedite (the original meaning of this phrase was barbaric, but you must remember that was a very brutal time). That is how the ancient Romans did business, and it is how and where the phrase originated and it still persists today. You make your agreement with him when you ask for his help. It is much like a gentleman's agreement, "If you do this for me I will do that for you" very simple. You promise him an offering for his help. Although it is unenforceable under law, it is binding as a matter of personal honor.

When Saint Expedite grants your request, always thank him by giving him an offering for his help, he was a soldier and expects payment for services rendered. This is not optional, it is a requirement, it is expected. Back in the early centuries the army was composed almost entirely of professional soldiers, that was their occupation, a very proud line of work. Soldiers were paid for their labor, and they had a strict code of conduct and ethics.

This is most important! Always keep your promises. If a pledge was made, it is expected to be kept. Be forewarned; If you made a commitment (a vow) to St Expedite, make sure that you keep up your end of the bargain if your wish was granted. Not doing so can turn a result from a great success into a dismal failure. I have seen instances where if you break the agreement, bad things will happen. I have heard that “he will take back all that he has done and more”. Granted, you will never know for sure that it was his help that actually made a difference in getting what you asked for, because it always looks like things just happened in your favor. Well here is a line that sums up my feeling on the subject: When you do things right it seems like you didn't do anything at all. So assume that things happened with at least some of his help.

One caution is that he does not work well with most of the other Saints, with the exception of course of Jesus, Mother Mary, St Joseph and the Holy Trinity. So if you have a list of other saints you try to work with, don't include St Expedite with them, It is not that there will be disastrous results, it's more that there will probably be no real additional benefit. He was a military man, he thinks in terms of the quickest and best solution (remember that slogan "an army of one" I think it fits him really well). I believe that his style is so unique that he just does not work well with other Saints. I always get the feeling that he tells the others, You can take this problem I get the next one! I could be wrong about that, but that is the distinct impression I get from observing his work.

Always give him his due:

You must spread his name if he has helped you. A public thank you is necessary to complete the transaction, that is a sign of respect and gratitude. This is not considered repayment for work performed, but a part of the original work order. When you ask for his help, you automatically sign the contract that you will make a public thank you note to him when he completes your petition. Here are some suggestions on how to comply with your agreement.

Run a classified ad in your local paper. Or

Put a piece of paper with your thanks on a bulletin board. Or

Send us an email with your thanks, and we will put it on our Tribute Page.

If you have asked for St. Expedites' help at some time before and you did not reward him for his efforts or thank him publically, than you must appease him immediately. Make a donation in his name. Make a public apology. Ask for forgiveness. That is a small price to pay for being downright rude to a very generous and powerful Saint.